Add Unique Kerb Appeal to Your Home, with Custom Garage Doors and Roller Doors in Melbourne

Whether you are renovating and modernising your home or preparing it for sale, kerb appeal is likely something on your mind. First impressions matter with homes, to your visitors and potential buyers alike. Giving your home a stunning exterior design …read more.

Provide Security for Your Home and Property with Garage or Roller Doors in Melbourne

Perhaps you’ve been dealing with trespassers as of late, or maybe a thief manages to gain access to your home by forcing open a flimsy or unsecured garage door. Either way, you are thinking about steps you can take to ramp up the security of your home …read more.

Restore Your Garage Door to Good Working Order with a Garage Door Repair in Perth

It’s a scenario that happens more frequently than you might think. Perhaps you start your car and prepare to back it out of your garage, only realising too late that you forgot to open the garage door. Or maybe you forgot to put the car in neutral or …read more.

Selling Your House? Fix That Dented Garage Door with a Repair from Melbourne’s Tower Garage Doors

Remember that time a few years ago, when you accidentally backed into your garage door? The mishap may not have left your garage door dysfunctional, but it probably did leave a mark—if not a sizable dent. You’ve lived with that dent for years, but now you …read more.

The Benefits of a Custom Garage Door, and Who to Call for Custom Roller Doors in Perth

If you are making a list of renovations that you would like to do on your home, considering adding ‘custom garage door’ to the list. If a garage door is operating soundly and serving its function, it’s easy to take it for granted. However, a high …read more.

If You Need Sectional Garage Doors in Melbourne, You Should Call Tower Garage Doors!

When you think about it, your garage doors are some of the largest features on your house. You can see them easily from the street by every passing motorist or pedestrian. You may spend a fortune on intricate crown moulding in your home, but not near …read more.

Where to Buy Custom Garage Doors in Perth

Homeowners recognise that one way to make your home stand out from the rest is with a really unique garage door. Many of us live in a suburban subdivision containing dozens, or maybe even hundreds, of homes. Those homes, while not often the same, are of …read more.

Consider Roller Doors for Your Perth Garage

Does your old garage door look like it went ten rounds with a Heavyweight Boxing Champion? Has your family put so many dents and blemishes on that old door by throwing balls at it, leaning things against it and using it as a backstop for all of life …read more.

Call Tower Garage Doors for Industrial or Commercial Garage Doors in Melbourne or Perth

Tower Garage Doors is your source for any type of garage doors in Perth or Melbourne. We have been serving the Perth and Melbourne areas for almost twenty years. …read more.

Replace Your Tired Garage Doors with Panel Lift Doors in Melbourne

Have you just moved into a new property where the garage doors haven’t been maintained, and need replacement? Perhaps your garage doors are old and tired looking. Maybe you just feel the need for change, and wish to replace your doors with something more …read more.

Transform your Home with Sectional Garage Doors in Perth

Sectional garage doors are all the rage now. Many Perth residents are purchasing new garage doors to upgrade the look of their home. When you look at any home from the street, one of the biggest areas you’re likely to see is the garage door. In many cases …read more.

Look for Garage Door Motors in Melbourne to Add Convenience to your Home

It’s the middle of July, and you’re just getting home from a long day at work. The rain is falling in a typically unrelenting manner, with dark pendulous rainclouds in the sky informing you there will be no let-up in the weather, at least not until very …read more.

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  • I never realised what a difference a new garage door would make to our home. It looks alive again. Thanks for all you help.

    Mitchell & Diana, Bayswater
  • All in all, a fantastic service – thank you.  A special thank you to Bill for your help and guidance!!

    Peter & Jackie, Subiaco